The Youth Centre – one of the reception places for internally displaced persons

As part of the social activities of the Ivano-Frankivsk Archdiocesan crisis centre,, the Youth Centre in Pidlute in the Carpathian Mountains has become a shelter for dozens of temporarily displaced people from the embattled areas.

The Archdiocese has created the necessary safe living conditions for more than 120 people. In addition to accommodation and food, internally displaced persons have the opportunity to receive necessary medical care from a pediatrician at St. Luke’s Clinic. “I had the opportunity to examine patients, make the necessary injections and make lists of necessary medicines”, said Natalia Ivanyshyn-Pylypiv, a doctor at St. Luke’s Clinic.

People who had to leave their homes are still worried about the fate of Ukraine and do not hide their emotions. “We are surrounded by love and care here. We left our homes, quickly packed up, took the children with us, and didn’t know where we were going. And here we were well received, and we are all taken care of. Thank you for that!” said a woman from a small town near Kyiv.

As internally displaced people suffer from fear, anxiety and emotional burnout, a priest offers spiritual support to all who need it. “Every day we have common prayer in the church. So, we try to help people through safe accommodation, hospitality and last but not least through prayer”, – Rev. Vasily Filipovych.

Such an initiative is possible thanks to the help of our benefactors from abroad, who support this social project.