Archbishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Dr. Volodymyr Viytyshyn meets with employees of St. Luke’s Clinic

Since March 2nd, St. Luke’s Сlinic has been offering free services, not only to internally displaced persons, but also to all those in need. Therefore, Archbishop Volodymyr Viityshyn visited the clinic to be informed about the work of the medical institution and to encourage the clinic’s staff.

“We defend our country justly according to the laws of God. This is a very important historical moment. We all have to persevere now so that a peaceful future arrives. As a church, we have to stand by the people and you are a part of this process”, the Archbishop said.

The Vice-Financial Officer, Rev. Vitaliy Maksymiv, also commented on the social work of the St. Luke’s Clinic, which was founded and is maintained by the Archdiocese: “Today the heart of the Church is focused on prayer. On the one hand, our local church is a social institution that welcomes the internally displaced and helps those affected by the war. So today I urge you to let go of fear and continue to do your important work. After all, doctors play a key role on the road to victory”, said Rev. Maksymiv.

At the end of the joint meeting, everyone prayed for peace in Ukraine and for God’s blessing on the future work of St Luke’s Clinic for the people.

Such an initiative is possible thanks to the help of our benefactors from abroad, who support this social project.