Spiritual weapon for soldiers: internally displaced people in Pidlute make rosaries

Since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine, many displaced persons have been forced to leave their homes for security reasons, and many have been accommodated in various Archdiocese buildings.

One of these locations is the youth center Pidlute in the Carpathians. More than 100 internally displaced people received free shelter, food and the necessary medical care there.

In order to be useful to others, people decided to make rosaries for the Ukrainian army. They will be handed over to the front lines to the Ukrainian Armed Forces defending our country.

Adults and their children took part in the crafting process and, according to them, used their free time for a good cause – to support the soldiers. A special wish of the children was to make the rosaries in the national colors of blue and yellow: “It’s just symbolic – if someone prays with this rosary, he will know that he is first asking for God’s help for his own country”, – says a young girl named Viktoria (11).

Such an initiative is possible thanks to the commitment of the internally displaced persons who have been accepted into the youth center Pidlute.