“Help for self-help” or art therapy for the refugee children in the St. Basilʼs School

As we have already reported, today all administrative buildings of the Archdiocese of Ivano-Frankivsk actively receive internally displaced persons. Around 80 of those who have left their homeland have already found refuge in the St. Basilius Gymnasium. Some of the IDPs took an interesting initiative and started doing music and art therapy for children and their parents. According to the volunteers, this helps to cope with difficulties.

The two refugee girls – Victoria and Diana, both aged 23, are professional music and art teachers. They themselves also came from the areas where hostilities are taking place – Dnipro and Kyiv. This idea arose out of sheer need to distract children from the realities of war:

„We have been conducting creative exercises for a few days and now we see the smiles of the parents and the admiring eyes of the children. They are active and answer the question about their dreams with only one thing: “We want peace!”, – according to the organizers.

Parents are grateful for such activities because their children have the opportunity to spend time useful and pay more attention to their feelings and emotions. Art therapy makes it easier to go through the phase of adjusting to difficult situations and trying to change the direction of thoughts. Regular sporting activities are also planned in the gym of the St. Basilʼs School.

Such an initiative is possible thanks to the commitment of the internally displaced persons admitted to the St. Basil’s School in Ivano-Frankivsk.